AIR’s Independent Charts Eligibility

AIR’s Independent Music Charts are based on sales data received directly from ARIA

ARIA collects recorded music sales data from most Australia’s music retailers, including online retailers. The data from each store or site is matched with the ARIA database and the sales figures are extrapolated to achieve a ‘best estimate’ of the actual overall sales of each title.

AIR then receives this data from ARIA and sorts the data by Independence status and charts eligibility.


To be eligible for the Australian Independent Record Labels Association 100% Independent charts, all artists/Independent labels must retain ownership of their masters and distribute through an Australian owned independent label/distributor.


All Australian Independent labels and Australian Independent artists are eligible for the Independent Label charts. These include artists/labels that distribute through major labels, distribute through a global independent distributor member, or are signed to a major for the rest of world (ROW) but remain independent in Australia.

All Australian major independent labels that distribute digital singles in-house are eligible for the 100% Singles chart but remain in the Independent Labels chart for albums.

Please note: all inclusions are subject to board approval and classification may be changed at the board’s discretion.

If you have any questions about AIR’s Independent Music Charts please feel free to get in touch with our Membership and Projects Officer – Monica Drewe.