Funded by Music Australia. Delivered in partnership with Sounds Australia.
This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through Creative Australia, its arts funding and advisory body.


The Australian Independent Record Labels Association (AIR) in partnership with Sounds Australia presents the Music Australia International Conference Contribution – Independent Labels and Distributors program.

Designed to ease the financial burden for selected Independent Labels and Distributors who are attending major international music conferences in 2024, ICC funding will financially support selected AIR Associate, Full and Australian Distributor members wanting to undertake professional development by attending an international trade conference and undertake an invaluable reconnaissance trip.

Applications for events occurring throughout 2024 will be divided into 2 rounds of opening and closing dates:

ROUND 1: Applications for conferences taking place between May 1, 2024 and July 31, 2024

ROUND 2: Applications for conferences taking place between August 1, 2024 and December 31, 2024


Contributions of up to $5000 AUD will be awarded to selected Australian-owned and operated independent labels and distributors who have been established for a minimum of two years. Funding will help cover essential costs associated with their attendance and international activity at their chosen event, such as travel expenses, accommodation and event registration costs.

Whilst we realise the majority of label and distributor representatives attending these events will be flying in and out of Australia, and we understand some may be flying into events from different locations around the world – or already be based near the event location – and therefore they may not require the maximum $5000 AUD of funding to attend the event. We therefore ask applicants to specify the funding amount they require to attend the event and only ask for funds required.


There is no predetermined number of funding recipients. The number of applicants who receive funding will depend on how much funding is available per round, and the strength of applications received. 

Please note that only one person per label/distributor will be funded.


For the 2024 Music Australia International Conference Contribution – Independent Labels and Distributors program, applicants (AIR Associate, Full, Australian Distributor members) will be able to select which event they hope to attend from the following list. In addition, applicants also have the option to specify an alternative event that they wish to attend, should they receive funding, that is not listed. If this applies to you, please specify the name of the event on your application and explain why this event would be valuable for you. If suggesting an event not already listed, it must fall within the relevant time period for your round. (If you have any questions, please contact

For 2024, there will be 2 separate ICC funding rounds. Please refer to the application opening and closing dates below as relevant to your chosen event and its associated round, and ensure you submit your application before the specified deadline for your round:

ROUND 1, 2024:

Round 1 applications open February 28 and close March 22, 2024

ROUND 2, 2024:

Round 2 applications open May 30 2024 and close June 20, 2024


ROUND 1: Applications for conferences taking place between May 1, 2024 and July 31, 2024:

Applications open: February 28, 2024 

Applications close: March 22, 2024 

ROUND 2: Applications for conferences taking place between August 1, 2024 and December 31, 2024:

Applications open: May 30, 2024

Applications close: June 20, 2024


Round 1 Applicants: Notifications to go out week commencing Tuesday 2nd April, 2024

Round 2 Applicants: Notifications to go out week commencing Tuesday 28th June 2024


You are eligible to apply for the current ICC funding round if:

  • You are a current AIR Associate, Full or Australian Distributor Member
  • You are Australian-owned and have been operating for a minimum of 2 years 
  • You are an Australian citizen or an Australian permanent resident
  • You hold a current valid passport
  • You submit an application by the due date
  • Your label/Distribution company has not already received ICC funding in the last 12 months. (Applicants are only eligible to apply for funding once within a 12-month period)

Priority will be given to applicants who have not been previously awarded funding for International Conference travel.

Ensure you have read the eligibility criteria and T&C’s below before applying.

You do not need to be attending your event with a showcasing artist to be eligible to apply (although we will ask you to specify on your application whether or not you are attending with a showcasing artist). 

If you are unsure of your eligibility, please email to discuss.

If you are not a current AIR member and wish to apply, please visit


Applicants should be able to demonstrate:

  • A comprehensive plan of activities they will undertake during their time at their specified event, demonstrating why this event – and that particular international market – is a priority territory for themselves and their artist/s at this time.
  • Clear goals for their label/distribution company in the international market, as well as demonstrating the potential for growth in this region.
  • A plan for how they intend to maximise the opportunities in the international market before, during and after the program.
  • Letters of support from up to 2 industry professionals/peers (optional)

Please note that not all applicants will receive funding, and only a selected number of applicants will be successful in receiving funding per round.


The Australian Independent Record Labels Association (AIR) will pay selected funding recipients (Activity Participants) up to AU$5,000 (excluding GST) as a lump sum upon receipt of a; (a) fully executed Agreement and (b) a valid Tax Invoice.

Please note it is the responsibility of all participants to arrange and pay for any insurance that they require to undertake this Activity. (If you wish to use some of your funding towards insurance costs, this is permitted.) 

Agreements will be distributed to confirmed Activity Participants promptly upon confirmation of their involvement in this program.

  • The Grant Funds shall be exclusively used by Activity Participants to contribute toward their costs of attending their specified event, including their flights, accommodation, event ticketing or admission and other similar associated costs.
  • No later than 60 days from the last day of the event, Activity Participants must provide AIR with an Activity Report that provides details about the activities they undertook with regard to this program, including achievements, goals (including those not met), industry outcomes and benefits, and a breakdown of how the funds were spent.
  • Travel Permissions: The Activity Participant has, or will obtain prior to the Activity, all visas, permissions, valid documentation, insurances and any other permits or exemptions required to travel to the region where their specified event takes place.
  • As a condition of receiving the Grant, the Activity Participant gives their permission to allow AIR, Sounds Australia and Creative Australia / Music Australia to use, without compensation, the participant’s name, professional information and likeness for advertising and publicity purposes in connection with the Grant, including on websites or social media channels controlled by the AIR, Sounds Australia and Creative Australia / Music Australia.