About AIR

AIR is a non-profit, non-government trade association dedicated to supporting the growth and development of Australia’s independent recorded sector. Established in 1996, AIR represents Australian-owned record labels and independent artists based in Australia.

We are a trade body that negotiates with industry and government to facilitate deals for the benefit of the industry. Through our services, we help companies of all shapes and sizes with the tools and information they need to do business.

We do this through:

  • Information and exclusive member services
  • Business development seminars
  • Lobbying and advocacy
  • Trade promotion within Australia and internationally
  • Assisting access to international markets

AIR is a member of the Worldwide Independent Network (WIN), a group of international music associations that collectively advocate for fair, competitive market access for independent music.

AIR members are artists, labels and distributors across the full spectrum of music genres, ranging from small sole traders to some of the biggest independent operations in the country.