AIR Membership

AIR negotiates with industry and government, lobbying on behalf of its members and the broader independent recording sector, to facilitate commerce and achieve fair market access and parity of terms with the major labels.

This makes us your voice for the issues that affect you and your music business.

Membership Types

AIR offers the following membership types:
  • International Distributor & Label – International music businesses that license and distribute (digitally and physically) master recordings
  • Australian Distributor – Australian music businesses that license, and distribute (digitally and physically) master recordings on behalf of other labels.
  • Full Label – Active Australian music businesses with a catalogue of more than five releases. Must have at least 51% ownership of the company.
  • Associate Label – Active Australian music businesses with a catalogue of five or fewer releases. Must have at least 51% ownership of the company.
  • Artist – Self-releasing Australian musicians and bands who want access to AIR’s resources, events and offers.

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Membership Benefits

Collective Bargaining

  • AIR members will receive an invitation to opt-in to AIR’s collective bargaining agreements currently in place with MTV.
  • AIR’s collective bargaining arrangements mark the first time the majority of independent labels and artists have access to music video royalties.


  • AIR has played a lead role in the formation of the Worldwide Independent Network’s “Independent Manifesto”, a document that outlines the basis for cooperation in dealing with issues that affect the independent music sector on a worldwide scale.
  • AIR joined with WIN and other international trade bodies and labels to help protect the interests of the independent sector.
  • AIR has made significant submissions to the government concerning contemporary music policy. This includes a joint submission to propose a Federal Government cross-portfolio approach to contemporary music funding, support online copyright law reform and encourage the Australian Government to support strong IP laws through international trade agreements (Trans-Pacific Partnership).
  • AIR has also made submissions supporting the continued funding of AMRAP, supporting the PPCA’s push for the removal of the 1% Cap, ensuring independent small businesses are represented in the National Cultural Policy and pushing for greater support of businesses investing in the arts.
  • AIR made a response to the Federal government’s parliamentary inquiry into the Australian Music industry in 2018 and a submission in response to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commissions’ final report into digital platforms inquiry.
  • Along with APRA AMCOS, ARIA, PPCA, Live Music Office and other leading bodies, AIR is part of the Music Australia-led National Contemporary Music Business Plan, works closely with Music Rights Australia and is active in representing the independent recording sector at the leading music conferences.

Professional and Business Development

  • AIR holds an annual music industry conference called Indie-Con Australia.
  • Since 2012, AIR has led a trade mission for independent label delegates to the annual Indie Week conference in New York City (supported also by SOUNDS AUSTRALIA and PPCA). The event, run by A2IM (American Association of Independent Music), has become one of the most important gatherings of the worldwide independent music industry on the calendar.
  • AIR has conducted workshops for indie labels and indie artists at Indie-Con, BIGSOUND, CHANGES, etc. AIR has also run workshops in conjunction with global companies such as YouTube Music, Spotify and Facebook.
  • AIR partnered with APRA AMCOS to deliver their Indie 101 national workshops which are designed to provide insights into the work that PPCA and AIR do as well as networking and some professional development.

More benefits

  • AIR Members have the ability to nominate and vote in the AIR Independent Music Awards.
  • AIR Associate, full and distributor members receive a limited number of complimentary tickets to indie-con and the AIR awards. (number of tickets issued is based on the level of membership)
  • members receive negotiated discounts from businesses that support AIR through our Friends Of AIR program.
  • AIR members can access up to 69kg of checked baggage (3 pieces of 23kg baggage) when travelling domestically within Australia on Virgin Australia (Excludes Economy Lite fares)*
  • Access to documents and resources from AIR and its partner organisations across the world.
  • Creation of the Australian Independent Music Sector Report
  • Discounts from selected conferences where offered.

Membership Pricing

Membership prices are as follows:
  • International Distributor & Label Membership is $1500 plus GST (if applicable) per annum
  • Australian Distributor Membership is $1500 plus GST per annum
  • Full Label Membership is $600 plus GST per annum
  • Associate Label Membership is $300 plus GST per annum
  • Artist Membership is free.

Full Label Members and Australian Distributor Members receive voting rights at AGMs and may nominate for board positions

Find out if you are eligible for AIR membership here