Feature: South Summit – Creatures

Creatures provides South Summit with the opportunity to bookend this formative chapter of their story, with a culminating body of work pulling inspiration from the challenges and adversity they’ve faced & overcome in the year preceding. The release being opened with ‘Yaama’ (hello) & finished with ‘Yaluu’ (bye).

This sophomore EP for the band dives into personal turmoil, acknowledging that obstacles & change are inevitable; giving in to this and working to move forward, growing into someone stronger and denying stagnation.

This EP was done in blocks of days in the studio spread out months apart, usually working on 1-2 songs at a time. This allowed us to focus strongly on each song as its own piece of work.

“‘Changes’ refers to these songs being their own sound and their own creature. The EP itself is a collection of all these songs we’ve been making as individual pieces, into one body of work. It’s a token of appreciation to the fans who have supported us through a huge year, a release that defines the last year of our journey as a band. Going from a local band in the Perth scene to growing to find some recognition nationally, we’d like to thank all of those who helped us get there.”

Creatures is available to stream NOW.

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