Feature: LUUDE – 6 AM

Australian producer LUUDE delivers an emotive dance debut EP 6 AM, the release showcasing his production versatility, soundtracking a vibrant and eventful, dance-filled night out.

Opening with ‘Wanna Stay’ which sees LUUDE utilise the soulful vocals of Perth indie-rock outfit Dear Sunday he blends his signature drum and bass touch to create a fast-paced energetic anthem. Next is ‘Glenorchy’, mixing heavy and dark synth with warehouse-inspired techno sounds, which are contrasted against a lighter, high pitch vocal. Following on is ‘Arms’ and ‘Butters’ which see LUUDE fuse his forward-thinking electronic production with energetic breakbeats, and heavy bass drops. Finishing off the body of work with ‘Bridgewater’, a vibrant single that is built around a commanding vocal, followed by an emotive synth melody, emulating the feeling of being at a festival in the early hours of the morning.

LUUDE discusses his inspiration behind the release, “I wanted it to be a record that can be listened to through the stages of a day and night. I was writing most of it through lockdowns so I was just writing tunes that felt like being out. ‘Wanna Stay’ just has a loose fun energy about it – feels like a bunch of mates getting rowdy in the pub – which is how most nights in Australia start, ‘Butters’ and ‘Arms’ get a bit more late night club focused, which is generally where most nights lead – then ‘Bridgewater’ and ‘Glenorchy’ are those emotional kick on tunes for when you’re feeling it at 6AM – so it’s all stages of the night.”

LUUDE’S debut EP 6AM is out now via Sweat It Out.

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