Mar 14, 2019


The eyes of Australian labels and artists are on the European Parliament as they move to vote through a radical realignment of the application of copyright rules to platforms in Europe.

For the first time anywhere in the world, there would be legislation clarifying that user-upload services are covered by copyright. Platforms giving access to large amounts of copyright protected works would be subject to a new regime (the infamous Article 13) and need a licence. The regime doesn’t touch non-profit platform or Wikipedia or other online services set out in the exclusions.

Citizens are clear winners as responsibility will be transferred from the user to the platform, licences will cover their uploads, and they will be able to rely on exceptions and limitations. Innovation is also rewarded as cooperation between platforms and rights holders will be proportionate according to the platform's size, reach etc. In addition, there is a light regime for small start ups.  

We also support the provisions on transparency and remuneration for authors and performers, which build on the commitments the independent sector already made nearly five years ago with the WIN digital deals declaration. From where we are, we see a balanced text which is the result of a carefully crafted compromise. It is much needed in today’s online world and would be a great precedent for our country.

We have embraced the user generated economy with open arms for nearly twenty years and it is a vital part of our digital world. It’s time for the legal framework to catch up with the market. We look to Europe with admiration as they lead the way. The Australian Independent Record Labels Association (AIR) and its members stand shoulder to shoulder with Europe's parliamentarians as they stand up to intense anti-copyright pressure. It's time for a new balance in the online world. 

Our message to the European Parliament as they move to the final vote is this:

Think of the millions of artists that you have never heard of, not just in Europe, but from all over the world. They all stand to benefit if you fix the value gap and set the precedent that they should have a proper say online."

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