Dec 18, 2018


The Australian Independent Record Labels Association (AIR) is thrilled to announce the recipient of the 2019 Fast Track Fellowship program is Rhianon Damas.
Thanks to funding from the VMDO, Rhianon will spend two months between January 2019 and May 2019 embedded within a high-functioning global music company. The program will establish strong links to key international markets and build effective ongoing relationships that can be developed into sustainable economic partnerships as well as provide unique professional development opportunities. This is an exclusive and exciting opportunity made possible thanks to a key initiative of the Victorian Government's Music Passport program, part of the Labor Government’s landmark $22.2 million Music Works strategy designed to strengthen the global reach, profile and capability of Victoria's music industry. 

Rhianon Damas is the operations manager for Two Shoes Records and The Cat Empire, where over the past 5 years she has been involved on a global level in everything from marketing strategy and PR management, touring operations and logistics, record label administration and high-level small business administration. Prior to joining this role she spent a number of years working in digital marketing and advertising roles for consumer brands, as well as working for a variety of festivals and events onsite and in pre-production. 

“I feel honoured to be receiving the VMDO/AIR Fast Track Fellowship to represent Two Shoes Records, The Cat Empire, and the broader independent Australian record label community in international markets. As an artist-run independent label that also runs a global touring operation, we exist in a unique area of the independent scene in Australia where access to a global market has been key for longevity, and continuous digital innovation is critical. I look forward to the opportunity to bring new ideas into our team as well as the Australian music industry and creating new and enduring international pathways which are significantly beneficial to business development. The support and investment of the VMDO and AIR into the business, and my career development, is sincerely appreciated. I am very excited to embark on this wonderful opportunity” Rhianon Damas

 “AIR and the VMDO have made an excellent choice in awarding the International Fellowship to Rhianon Damas. She is a dynamic, intelligent woman, and a highly attuned problem solver.  In particular, her digital marketing acumen has revolutionized The Cat Empires business in the time she has worked with us in the role of Operations Manager. We look forward to learning from her experience in other international business, and also to seeing how the insights she gains will contribute to industry level conversation in Australia for the benefit of other artists and labels. I truly commend AIR and the VMDO on this initiative which enables rapid mid-career development, and the critical fostering of talent and skill within our industry. I could not be more thrilled that Rhianon is the very worthy recipient for 2019.” Correne Wilkie - Manager  The Cat Empire & Harry James Angus

“The VMDO are thrilled to be a part of this exciting program with AIR and AAM; skilling up Victoria’s music businesses professionals and supporting them to import international best practice back into our industry here. Rhianon Damas’ impressive application and experience speak to her strategic approach, and her focus on innovation and results. We look forward to seeing the benefits of this Fast Track Fellowship, for Rhianon, Two Shoes Records and the broader Victorian music industry. All the best Rhianon” 
Bonnie Dalton - General Manager Victorian Music Development Office