Dec 10, 2019


Hunt in Packs is the evocative third single from Sydney brothers and multi-instrumentalists Edward and Lloyd Prescott aka Dust of Us. The song was co-produced and mixed by Matt Neighbour (Matt Corby, Courtney Barnett, The Avalanches). 

A change of pace from the moodiness of their first two tracks, ‘Hunt in Packs’ is warm, inviting and uplifting. The track’s dense layers build around an arpeggiated acoustic guitar part; creating a rich world.

“I was trying to capture the sense of wonder that you have as a kid.. that curiosity and feeling of endless possibility that's easy to lose as you get older,” Ed explains. “The lyrics are my attempt to remind myself to hold onto that… it’s kind of an escapist, Peter Pan song. The ‘hunt in packs, hide our tracks’ thing is an allegory for friendship and that feeling of being inseparable from your mates… roaming around, getting up to mischief.”

Partly recorded at Gotye’s studio barn on the Victorian Mornington Peninsula, partly at Ed’s home studio on the NSW Central Coast, ‘Hunt In Packs’ will be accompanied by a video in the coming weeks. A debut EP from Dust of Us will land in early 2020.

Hunt in Packs is out now through Double Drummer.