Friends Of AIR - Program Information

AIR is an organisation that supports the business interests of Australian Independent Record Labels and self-released artists. AIR represents the sector by advocating and promoting independent music to all levels of government, media, industry and public. AIR negotiates and collectively bargains on behalf of its Members and provides services including professional and business development opportunities for its Members.

We are proud to represent one of the most vibrant, healthy and exciting independent music scenes in the world, although, the independent music industry as a whole needs as much support, encouragement and business development as possible. We want the entire independent sector to flourish and our Friends Of AIR program gives partners the opportunity to connect with the Australian independent music sector, whilst gaining valuable benefits for your business at the same time.

Any company wanting to work with, and/or with an interest in maintaining and strengthening the Australian independent music sector, can support the sector by becoming a Friend of AIR

Subscription Benefits

Your subscription to the Friends Of AIR program gives you: 

  • Promotion of your business to AIR’s Members directly via a customised section of AIR’s website for the term of your subscription. 
  • Promotion of your business, including any events, workshops or seminars you may wish to organise in two AIR weekly newsletters over the course of each year. These newsletters go out to AIR’s entire mailing list, including all of AIR’s Members, subscribers, industry partners, press and public
  • Benefits including discounted services, discounted workshops and conferences as offered to AIR members, tickets to the Australian Independent Music Awards, other events and facilitated networking opportunities.
  • Insights from AIR’s experienced staff in relation to the Australian marketplace.
  • Updates on AIR initiatives, industry issues and events, keeping you and your staff informed
    of new opportunities.
  • The opportunity to support an integral part of Australia’s culture and ensure that independent music continues to thrive in Australia.

If you’re keen to get involved or know more, please contact our Membership & Charts Coordinator, Jane Levingston at