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AIR negotiates with industry and government, lobbying on behalf of its members to achieve fair market access and parity of terms with the majors labels. AIR works on behalf of its members to facilitate opportunities and commerce for the Australian independent recording sector.

This makes us your voice for the issues that affect you and your music business. AIR is staffed by a professional team that knows the industry, and are available to give members advice and referral.



  • AIR has negotiated collective bargaining agreements with XYZ Networks (Channel [V], [V] Hits, Music Max and Country Music Channel), bringing with it the first time for the majority of independent labels and artists to have access to music video royalties from that network.
  • We’ve received the first ever payment from MTV for royalties from music videos on that network.
  • AIR continues an agreement with Nightlife Music and Video ensuring that all indie artists played on their background music systems will receive royalties.
  • AIR is currently negotiating broader negotiating powers with the ACCC with a view to expanding its collective bargaining program.


  • AIR has played a lead role in the formation of the Worldwide Independent Network’s “Independent Manifesto”, a document which outlines the basis for co-operation in dealing with issues that affect the independent music sector on a worldwide scale. 
  • AIR has made significant submissions to government concerning contemporary music and online copyright policies. This includes supporting the continued funding of AMRAP, supporting the PPCA’s push for removal of the 1% Cap, ensuring independent small businesses are represented in the National Cultural Policy and pushing for greater support of businesses investing in the arts.
  • AIR is a member of the Music Council of Australia, The Contemporary Music Working Group and is on the steering committee for Music Matters.


  • AIR conducts workshops for indie labels and indie artists around Australia.
  • AIR played a major role in the roll-out of streaming services in Australia in early 2012, working with each platform to ensure that all independents have the ability to reach an audience.
  • AIR spends considerable time working with its members, helping labels achieve best practice in release strategies, marketing, digital strategy and export development.



AIR offers the following membership types:

  • Distributor – music businesses that license, distribute (digitally and physically) master recordings on behalf of other labels.
  • Full Label – active music businesses with a catalogue of five or more releases.
  • Associate Label – active music businesses with a catalogue of five or less releases.
  • Artist – self releasing musicians and bands with a small catalogue with a use for AIR’s services.

AIR’s membership fees reflect the size of the business and its capacity to take advantage of AIR’s advocacy work, business development and members services. The classifications are used for statistical purposes to analyse the scope of business operations amongst our members, and the industry at large.
Membership prices are as follows:

  • Distributor Membership is $800 plus GST per annum
  • Full Label Membership is $450 plus GST per annum
  • Associate Label Membership is $250 plus GST per annum
  • Artist Membership is $100 plus GST per annum

Full Label Members and Distributor Members receive voting rights at AGMs and may nominate for board positions.

Full Label Members, Associate Label Members and Distributor Members may nominate, vote and attend the Carlton Dry Independent Music Awards.

Once we have received your membership information and payment, your online login will be activated and you will be contacted by AIR staff as soon as possible.

If you have any questions, or need help filling in the form, please contact us at