2017 Indie-Con Australia Conference

Thursday 27th and Friday 28th July, 2017

Tandanya National Aboriginal Cultural Institute, Adelaide, SA

Indie-Con Australia is a 2 day conference being held in conjunction with the 11th national AIR Awards (July 27th) also being held in Adelaide for the first time in the 12 year history of the Awards. The Indie-Con brand has been developed by the Association of Independent Music (AIM), AIR’s UK sister association and is highly regarded in the UK as an un-paralleled event that addresses issues the impact on the breadth and diversity of the independent music community. AIR is providing the first conference of its type in Australia that truly addresses the needs and issues affecting the independent music community in Australia.

 The conference is being divided into 2 main elements: 

 1)      Label focused content

2)      Artist focused content 

 AIR will be providing a conference that will enable participants to gain insights into the latest innovations and technological advancements in products, services and strategies available to the independent music sector, as well as providing an opportunity for the advancement of professional development, leadership and business performance skills. 

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10:15: Welcome Address: 
Maria Amato (GM) and David Vodicka (Chair)

10:20 – 10:25AM: State Government Welcome  

The Honourable John Gazzola
MLC (Member of Legislative Council), Australian Labor Party

10:30AM – 11:30AM: 

In Conversation with Sebastian Chase (MGM) with Stuart Watters.

11:30AM – 12:30PM: 
Understanding Independence: What does it actually mean and who decides?
Matthew Rogers (UNFD/WIN Council Member)

Sebastian Chase (MGM)
Portia Sabin (Kill Rock Stars)
Chris Maund (Mushroom Group of Labels)
Merida Sussex (Stolen Recordings)
Guy Blackman (Chapter Music)

12:30PM – 1:30PM: LUNCH

1:30PM – 2:30PM: 
Where’s my fucking money? 
Get the inside scoop on where indies should be looking to ensure they are getting their fair share. From Neighbouring Rights to Blanket Licensing Deals and where the money flows. 
Tom Harris (White Sky) 

Susan Cotchin (IRR Music)
Tim Kelly (Inertia Music)
Lynne Small (PPCA)
Richard James Burgess (A2IM)

1:30PM – 1:45PM: 
PRESENTATION: Blockchain Explained

Prof Jason Potts (RMIT) 

1:45PM – 2:30PM
What the hell is block chain and (how) will it affect the indies?

MODERATOR: Prof Jason Potts (RMIT)

David Grice (Musitec)
Ashley Gay (Xelon)
Paul Pacifico (AIM)
Matt Bird (White Sky)

1:30PM – 2:30PM: 
Sync – How to prepare, service and add value to your catalogue through smart sync strategies? 

MODERATOR: Henry Compton (The Orchard)

Karl Richter (Disco/Level 2)
Tyler McLoughlan (Sound Pound) 
Natalie Waller (ABC) 
John Ferris (TMRW)
Kate Mills (Native Tongue) 

2:30PM – 3:30PM: 
State of the Nations: This session will review key developments in the copyright environment affecting the indies both here and in international markets and will explore a diverse range of topics including: safe harbour and why you should give a shit; EU copyright directive – what does that even mean?; recognition of sound recordings in the US – will it ever happen?; Joint collection societies – we’re talking about public performance royalties not reefers!!

MODERATOR: Jay Mogis (QUT/Nightlife)

Lynne Small (PPCA)
Richard James Burgess (A2IM)
Paul Pacifico (AIM)
Portia Sabin (Kill Rock Stars)
Dylan Pellett (IMNZ)
Matt Rogers (UNFD/WIN Council Member)

3:30PM – 4:30PM:
CLOSING PANEL Presented by Future of What
5 great Australian indie labels under 15 years: From the start to now

MODERATOR: Portia Sabin (Future of What / Kill Rock Stars)

Andy Hayden (Poison City)
Joe Alexander (Bedroom Suck)
Joanna Syme (Hotel Motel Records) 
Katie Besgrove (Barely Dressed Records)
Julia Wilson (Rice Is Nice)


DAY 2 – 10:30AM – 5PM

Arrive and Registration: 10AM

10:30AM – 12PM: 
The Rise of the Artist Run Label: 4 Artist Run Labels – Hear their stories of success failure and how to bleed and sweat!

MODERATOR: Nick O’Byrne (Look Out Kid)  

Jen Cloher (Milk Records)
Merida Sussex (Stolen Recordings)
Joanna Syme (Pieater)
Briggs (Bad Apple Records)
Ben Martin (Golden Era Records) 

12PM – 1PM: LUNCH 

1PM – 2PM: 
Streaming & Data – on becoming the panacea for our industry.
We are at the convergence point of where data meets publicity meets revenue and our industry is now led in such a huge way by the power of streaming.  Its rapidly emerging presence is fast becoming both a replacement for and influencer of traditional media platforms. What strategic moves are labels now making to leverage their data and sustain themselves and their artists in this brave new world?
MODERATOR: Portia Sabin (Kill Rock Stars)

Amy Dietz (INGrooves)
Henry Compton (The Orchard) 
Maya Janeska (UNFD)
Jane Slingo (Young Strangers)
Ben Godding (AWAL/Kobalt)
James Limon (ABC) 

1) 2PM – 2:30PM: 
Data – how do we get it and how do we use it?
KWL is harnessing the power of big-data and machine learning technology to track the music, artists and brands that people love. In this presentation, KWL will present how they collect and analyze data and the opportunities data-driven-intelligence is providing to artists, labels and brands.

PRESENTER: Know What’s Loved – Alex Goatcher

2) 2:30PM – 3PM: 
YouTube for Musicians
YouTube is the world’s biggest global video platform, providing artists with a unique opportunity to get both seen and heard all around the world. We’ll talk through YouTube by the numbers, as well as sharing some tips on content strategy, and detailing the ways in which YouTube and Google are partnering with the Australian music industry to help artists get seen and heard.

PRESENTERS:– Mark Butterworth and Marion Pennier-Briand

3) 3PM – 3:30PM
Digital Marketing Campaign Walkthrough 
This session will go through best practice digital & social strategies for an artist’s release cycle using real-life campaigns as case studies. Don’t just hit ‘boost’ on Facebook, take a look at building online audiences, creative content strategies and how to use data to connect the dots to drive a release and tour.

PRESENTERS: Bolster Music – Anthony Zaccaria & Paige x Cho

3PM – 3:30PM: 
CLOSING SESSION: Keynote by Murray Cook: Independent & In Control

3:30PM – 4:30PM 
Murray Cook with Chris O’Neill (National Team Leader – Writer Services at APRA) exploring life before, during and after the red jumper he has become synonymous with.