Mar 15, 2021


This week in the charts, we have new debuts from Genesis Owusu, Casey Barnes, Hayley Jensen, The Wiggles, Pierce Brothers, Kilbey Kennedy, DMA’s and more.


Casey Barnes debuts #3 on the 100% Independent singles and #6 on the independent label's singles with Come Turn Me On while Hayley Jensen debuts #7 on the independent label single Charts with Just Gonna Party, meanwhile Hooligan Hefs, SCNDL and Sunset Brothers debut #18 with Take Off.


The Wiggles debut #1 on the Independent Label Albums charts with We’re All Fruit Salad, Smith Street Band debut #2 with unplugged from Wombat State Forest, DMA’s debut 3 4 with Live at Brixton, Genesis Owusu debuts  #5 with Smiling With No Teeth, Pierce Brothers debut # 11 with Into The Great Unknown, Meanwhile Kilbey and Kennedy debut # 16 with Jupiter 13.


On the 100% independent albums charts the Pierce Brothers debut # 3 with into the great unknown and Kilbey and Kennedy debut #4 with Jupiter 13