May 09, 2017


Folk electronica artist, Innes, is set to officially release his ten track solo album ‘Bits’. Entirely self produced, from the writing, the playing, the recording, production and artwork right through to the accompanying clips for tracks ‘Bells’, ‘Ocean’ and 'How Many', Innes has independently constructed everything on the album.
Inspired by sources as diverse as Radiohead, Nick Drake & Superpitcher to WWII YouTube documentaries, ‘Bits’ also captures and marries Innes’ passion for the exploding 90’s UK electronica scene with his bluegrass beginnings.
After the release of tracks Green Morning & The Donald Train Part 1 late last year ‘Bits’ takes a look at the satirical perspectives of worldly politics while engaging and appropriating German culture and the diverse sounds of Innes multicultural upbringing. It’s this mix of influences that, merged with an inherent need to create - defines Innes, the artist. Themes of authenticity that extend beyond his musical realm into the personal. From Stirling, Scotland, he is now a Queensland native. His passion for hard core electronica is matched only by his passion for traditional bluegrass. Under another moniker Innes releases electronic music as Jayden Capalaba.
But for now, it’s to ‘Bits', his debut release as a solo artist, that all ears turn. The clip for lead single from the album ‘Bells’ is the perfect case in point of the DIY aesthetic Innes applies to all he does.

Bits is available now.