AIR Awards Judging & Eligibility

What is the eligibility period?

  • The AIR awards celebrates the success of Australian Independent Artists with releases between the period January 1st –¬†December 31st in the year preceding the AIR Awards event.

Who can nominate a release for the AIR Awards?

  • To nominate an Australian Independent release for the AIR Awards you must be an AIR member as either a:
    • Australian Independent Artist
    • Australian independent label or distributor
    • Global Independent label or distributor

Who can qualify for AIR membership?

  • To qualify for AIR membership, you must be an Australian Artist, Australian or Global independent label/distributor that that holds at least 50% of its business ownership

To find out more about AIR membership and pricing please click here:

Voting process

  • All award categories are voted on by AIR members
    • Artist members can cast one vote in each category
    • Associate members can cast two votes in each category
    • Full members can cast three votes in each category
    • Global labels and distributors can cast four votes in each category
  • A pool of industry specialists are also invited to vote for awards in our specialist categories, including, Dance, Jazz, Classical
  • AIR labels whose artists are nominee finalists in any given year will be automatically nominated for the Best Independent Label category which is voted on by AIR members only

Other notes

If an AIR member chooses to distribute its catalogue through a third-party major label, they will still be eligible for the awards provided they own or control at least 50% of the master to be considered an independent release

In some cases a release may be independent in Australia but may differ for the rest of the world.

The AIR board reserves the right to remove any nominations that do not qualify as Australian independent releases by AIR members