First you must check whether your release is eligible for AIR’s Independent Charts. View Chart Eligibility here.

AIR’s Independent Music Charts are based on sales data received directly from ARIA. In order to place in the AIR charts, you need to report your releases to ARIA.

ARIA maintains a database of product releases from information supplied by Record Suppliers and Information Providers. If you are releasing your own music and it is being sold in ARIA accredited stores/online, then we suggest you register those releases with ARIA, and fill out a survery request, so that they can be considered for charts survey.

Click here to visit the ARIA survery request form

Please note that, unless your release is sold through a recognised ARIA Chart Stores or music services, then it will not achieve a chart position.

Please contact the ARIA Chart Department for more information if you have any further questions.

On top of this, we also encourage you to send notice of your upcoming releases to AIR is encouraged after the appropriate reporting to ARIA has been completed. Please send notice of releases to our Newsletter and Charts Co-Ordinator, Anniemae Goldring.