This Week in the Charts – 10th June, 2024

This week in the charts we have debuts from Ripley Alexander, Cosmic Psychos, The Teskey Brothers, Katie Jayne, The Angels, King Stingray, Crowded House, Casey Barnes, Big Heavy Stuff, Mood Spill, Imogen Clark, Pretty Girl, Peter Bibby, Bitter Vics, The Saints, and GIMMY.

On the Independent Label Singles charts Ripley Alexander secured #1 with ‘Mamma Mia’, Cosmic Phsycho’s debuted at #2 with ‘Mainline / Back at School’, The Teskey Brothers took out #5 with ‘Rain’ followed by Katie Jayne securing #6 with ‘Too Big For Your Boots’.  The Angels took out #15 with ‘Ninety Nine (Go For Broke)’ and King Stingray debuted at #17 with ‘Best Bits’. 

On the Independent Label Album charts Crowded House debuted at #1 with ‘Gravity Stars’ followed by Casey Barnes with ‘Mayday’ coming in at #2.  Big Heavy Stuff secured #6 with ‘Live at Triple J 2004’. Mood Spill came in at #10 with their self-titled, followed by Imogen Clark at #11 with ‘The Art of Getting Through’, Pretty Girl secured #12 with ‘Get Back To Me’ and Peter Bibby debuted at #16 with ‘Drama King’. 

Cosmic Psycho’s debuted at #1 on the 100% Independent Singles charts with ‘Mainline / Back At School’, followed by The Teskey Brothers with ‘Rain’ at #2, Katie Jayne secured #3 with ‘Too Big For Your Boots’, The Angels came in at #7 with ‘Ninety Nine (Go For Broke), and Bitter Vics debuted at #8 with ‘Rock ‘O’ Shell’. 

On the 100% Independent Albums charts Casey Barnes debuted at #1 with ‘Mayday’, Big Heavy Stuff secured #2 with ‘Live at Triple J 2004’, Mood Spill secured #5 with their self titled, Imogen Clark’s ‘The Art Of Getting Through’ secured #6, ‘Get Back To Me’ from Pretty Girl came in at #7, The Saint’s ‘Live At Pig City Brisbane 2007’ debuted at #11 and ‘Things Look Different Now’ from GIMMY debuted at #15.

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