Feature: Don’t Thank Me, Spank Me – Don’t Thank Me, Spank Me – LP

A love affair between all their greatest musical influences, Don’t Thank Me, Spank Me! draws on the duo’s love of girl bands from the 70s, 80s pop rock, 90s RnB, and so much more, as they speak to their experience moving through the world as women throughout their debut self-titled album.

The duo’s genius combination of sublime songwriting, good hair, and matching Fender Mustangs saw them release the album’s latest single ‘Hey Woman’, playing their anti-capitalist message on the airwaves of community radio across Australia.

Equal parts cheeky as it is cheesy, ‘Be My Your Forever’ is a catchy ode to anyone who has told the person they have a crush on, that they have feelings for them. “Be My Forever is the tequila of songs for us. Occasionally you write a song that makes you feel high when you play it and that’s what this track does for us. It’s an upper!“, says Don’t Thank Me, Spank Me!.

A song that kind of wrote itself, appearing like an invisible ink trick on a scrapbook, its punchy bossy lyrics are packed with a message of taking the power back, choosing your own story, and not waiting around like a wallflower asked to dance.

Don’t Thank Me, Spank Me!’s self-titled debut album is co-produced with the help of Henry Jenkins (Mo’Ju), Hudson Whitlock (Karate Boogaloo), Myka Wallace and Jules Pascoe with Casey Rice on mixing duties.

Sandy’s opening track is an ode to archetypal good-girl gone bad, Sandra D. This quirky disco banger wields gritty guitar hooks, catchy harmonies and spitfire rap lyrics.

RnB inspired ‘Dollars and Cents’ embraces the ‘gold diggers in need of a goldmine’ trope, featuring tight wvocal harmonies,

chunky funk guitar and a groove that sits right at the bottom of a cashed up cowboy’s deepest pocket. At the other end of the spectrum, ‘Hey Woman’ flexes the band’s garage sass, with un-precious vocals and acoustic guitars, raging against the desperate housewives and bored husbands of PrahranDon’t Thank Me, Spank Me!’s self-titled debut album is available to stream now.


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