Feature: Phoebe Go – Marmalade

Hauntingly beautiful and radiantly raw, Phoebe Go reveals her debut LP Marmalade.

Poignant storytelling that keeps you hanging on to every lyric Phoebe’s debut LP Marmalade is a record about losing comfort and the process of finding it again, or at least finding your feet to go looking for it again

Working closely with trusted friend and ARIA nominated producer Simon Lam (Charli XCX, Cub Sport, Allday, Juice Webster, Gretta Ray, Kllo, Armlock), Phoebe adds “Simon played such a big role in the whole thing. Life was a bit heavy last year but all the love and trust meant that we could be playful when we wanted to be. Simon always affords me the ability to step out of my comfort zone. Even if that meant pulling back or taking things away or telling me to ‘just go n lose it’ in the vocal booth for a few takes.”

Album focus track ‘Good Fight’ offers some of the most honest moments on the record – a perfect example of how Phoebe perfectly balances vulnerability with bravery throughout the songs on the record. “‘Good Fight’ is about seeing the end of something when you really don’t want to. It’s like clinging onto a dream and trying to hold the stars in place” Phoebe explains. “This song kinda feels like a montage to me. The idea started with some chords that my friend Chris sent me in a text. I wrote most of it in bed that night”.

It’s all pretty raw” Phoebe says of Marmalade, “Working on these songs was an outlet that helped me move forward, which is the whole point I guess.  Sometimes it meant recording the songs that I never wanted anyone to hear. I’m really proud and I’m really happy.” 

Phoebe Go’s debut LP Marmalade is available to stream now via AWAL

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