Feature – Bobby Alu – Keep It Tropical

Blissful melodies and feel-good energy reveal themselves on Bobby Alu‘s fourth studio album Keep It Tropical a journey through Bobby’s joyous tropical soul sound, with focus track Usually An Avalanche, stripping it back with a folk inspired flare.

The track’s lyrical content is about reckoning with a cascade of overwhelming feelings: Slow fade / quiet place / stacking up the letter forming something to say / I know when I’m on the edge / it’s usually an avalanche in my head.

“The cascading thoughts in your mind when you have overwhelming feelings, sometimes it becomes so full on like an avalanche. It truly can be wonderful, however it can also change to painful. It’s fascinating that such a flip can dictate our wellbeing. They are just feelings. But they are also everything,”

said Alu on Usually An Avalanche.

Bobby Alu‘s latest release Keep It Tropical is available to stream now.

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