Feature: Amanda Heartsong – By The Hearthfire

A radiating sunbeam of courage and humour, Amanda Heartsong is an artist with a hint of mischief, a call for adventure and a love of the land – unveiling her intimate debut ep By The Hearthfire.

Melodious performances through musical theatre were a guiding force during her school years before stepping into the role of protective warrior in a 14 year Royal Australian Air Force Career including two tours of duty.

Giving life wholeheartedly to her career path, Amanda did not return home well from a stint in Afghanistan in 2011/12  and found herself navigating the journey of PTSD and plummeting into darkness after her partner passed away from self-inflicted wounds due to his war battle in 2014.

“I felt like I became a ghost. Prior to Afghanistan, I was driven, deeply passionate about my military community and the impactful career role I held. In the early post war days, the shame spiral was never-ending, I walked away from my community so they couldn’t see the husk I’d become, just an outline of a human with nothing left inside.”

“Music helped me regain confidence for life, it was a natural place for me to be, in front of a crowd. I had already been in uniform for a third of my life. It’s a familiar feeling when people are looking at me as a curiosity. I recently learned from my trauma therapist why music feels so good; when we play together as a group, it releases Oxytocin into the brain!”

Currently stationed on her 40 acre property in Baffle Creek with a bright red tractor and birdsong for company, Amanda finds her lyrics weaving through the trees and river systems, whether at home or in the red dust of the outback.

Amanda Heartsong’s debut EP By The Hearthfire is available to stream now. 

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