Feature: Tom Snowdon – Lonely Tree

Tom Snowdon reveals his debut solo album Lonely Tree; an exploration of loss and hope, of things ending and new things beginning.

Led by his distinguishable haunting voice, the album is a journey into a dream-like world of the intangible and one of deeply personal reflection.

Across previous releases, Snowdon’s work has centred on hazy atmospheres and expressed emotions via metaphors of elemental forces – water, ice, air and light. Affinity with nature is still present on Lonely Tree. Still, here the listener is invited along as Snowdon navigates his thoughts and desires more directly, offering glimpses into a more personal story.

With one eye on the past, and another on the “what could have been” (what Snowdon calls ‘the lingering alternative’), he yearns for a stabilising hand to keep him present and hopeful in the here and now and sends his voice reaching out across broad sonic landscapes to find one.

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