Feature: Harrison Storm – Wonder, Won’t You?

Connection remains at the heart of everything indie-folk singer-songwriter Harrison Storm has created.

His debut album Wonder, Won’t You? offers listeners an invitation to join him on a wondrous journey of unbridled introspection into the deepest crevices of his own heart and mind.

Opening track “Warm a Cold Heart” sets the tone as Harrison sings about being kinder to yourself and believing in the good parts of who you are, before diving headfirst into the chase and pull of desire on “This Love”, spilling his heart in an achingly tender expression of adoration and belonging on “My Way Home”, and extending an outstretched hand for a friend in need on “Daylight Sun”.

On “Tomorrow” we find Harrison as he reckons with the often-overwhelming chaos of life while finding safety and clarity in the comfort of a loved one, while “In Good Time,” is his nostalgic sepia-toned daydream about forgiving the past and running into the future.

For me, music is a lot about self-discovery and honesty,” Harrison says. “My stories have a lot to do with connection and connecting with myself, but also really trying to connect with the world. Growing up, I could never really find my place or fit in. When I write a song, it helps me realise that all these emotions and learnings are just part of the human experience and that it’s okay to have those heavy and introspective thoughts.”

This collection of songs feels like it sums up the past few years for me as best I could. There’s a sprinkle of everything I’ve been through. Falling in love, facing and getting through mental health issues and ultimately striving to connect more with myself and the world. It’s been healing to sit with these songs before I’ve shared them with the world as well, but I can’t wait for people to discover something through this album.”

Harrison Storm‘s debut album Wonder Won’t You is available to stream now via Netwerrk.

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