Feature: Ben Drysdale – If I Don’t Lie Down

Penned at 2 am in Hawaii when he had to be on a bus at 4:30 am to make his flight home. Ben Drysdale reveals his debut solo single ‘If I Don’t Lie Down‘.

His somewhat poor sleep decisions that evening became a metaphor for his experience and his inspiration to back himself and keep putting in the work to pursue his musical dreams.
Ben had spent the previous 3 days surrounded by talented songwriters and generous mentors at the Hawaii Songwriting Festival (HSF) thanks to a grant from artsACT.

If I Don’t Lie Down encapsulates Ben’s unique and heartfelt compositions blending of folk and pop melodies, introspective storytelling, and passionate vocals.

Ben Drysdale‘s debut solo single ‘If I Don’t Lie Down’ is available to stream NOW.

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