Feature: Kayla Thomas – Tiny World

An enchanting indie/pop collection of tracks that delve into the intricate complexities of forgiveness, reflection and the resilience to move forward – as Kaylah Thomas unveils her debut EP Tiny World.

Crafted from the emotional wellspring of heartbreak and love, ‘Tiny World’ captivates with its driving drums, electrifying guitars, and emotionally charged melodies and lyrics. Featuring four compelling tracks – ‘Try,’ ‘Tiny World,’ ‘Darwin,’ and ‘To The Bone’ – Kaylah’s highly anticipated debut EP serves as an honest representation of vulnerability.

In collaboration with Melbourne-based producer, Sam Swain, ‘Tiny World’ immediately captures the listener’s attention. Kaylah recognizes Swain’s instrumental contribution, stating,

Sam has been instrumental in the creation of this EP; it simply wouldn’t be what it is without him.”

Tiny World stands as a vivid testament to Kaylah’s narrative artistry and an authentic reflection of her personal and
artistic growth.

Its essence beautifully encapsulates the bittersweet echoes of Kaylah’s journey of growth and letting go of the past. With sincerity, Kaylah hopes her music resonates deeply with her listeners, inspiring them to be vulnerable and grow.

Kaylah Thomas‘s debut EP Tiny World is available to stream now.

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