Feature: Future Static – Liminality

Liminality is an innate fusion of Future Static‘s distinctive fusion of metalcore, progressive metal, alternative rock, and pop sensibilities, exemplified by infectious hooks against their explosive sound. 

Produced, mixed and mastered by Christopher Vernon (Windwaker, The Beautiful Monument). The artwork was helmed by guitarist Jack Smith, with ‘Liminality‘ portraying the space between materialising and deteriorating in serene nothingness.

The record highlights the group’s breathtaking lead vocal tandem, with bassist Kira Neil showcasing her vocal talents and magical chemistry alongside the electrifying front-woman Amariah Cook.

Liminality is available to stream now via Wild Thing Records.

Chemical Lobotomy‘ opens the record, igniting with relentless rhythmic hits and searing guitar riffs, contrasted against impassioned vocals that oscillate between evocative screams and hypnotic choruses. The alt-pop-core sensation is followed by ‘Venenosa‘, detonating with scorching guitars and thunderous drums, showcasing Amariah’s effortless transition from seductive phrases to venomous intensity.

The emotionally charged, hard-hitting anthem ‘RoachQueen‘ and ‘Icarus‘ both encapsulate the band’s aptitude in crafting compelling hooks within their explosive sound, featuring ravaging breakdowns, anthemic choruses, and eerie ambience. Both tracks are guided by Amariah’s versatile performance spanning spoken word and guttural roars that heighten the raw emotional origins.

Closing the first half, ‘…And The Walls That Were Built‘ builds to a soaring crescendo, weaving together intense and melodic passages guided by deft instrumentation. The enigmatic vocals flow between immense screaming and clean melodies, as acclaimed single ‘Waves‘ follows, embodying the band’s emotive storytelling and musical prowess.

At the core, ‘Illiad‘ instantly sears with frenzied guitar feedback, pummelling drums and visceral vocal screams before plunging into a half-time section and returning to the frenetic chorus. However, ‘WillI?‘ opens with a moment of solitude, warm pads, and soothing vocal lines before resuming to spoken and screamed lyrical passages.

Single ‘TheHourglass‘ skilfully juxtaposes rapid, prog-tinged arrangements and colossal half-time eruptions, dynamically performed. The hypnotic bridge allows space for choral, chanting vocals to wash across the mix, creating a brief respite before the high-octane climax. Contrastingly, ‘Halfway Across The World‘ opens with acoustic guitars, sharing a new feel to the album for a short moment of breath and respite, highlighted by seamlessly angelic vocal harmonies.

The effervescent ‘PlatedGold‘ features guest vocals of Sean Harmanis, alternating moments of aggressive, fast-paced instrumentation and melodic, anthemic choruses where clean singing takes over. This dichotomy between the harsh, raw screams and the emotive clean vocals creates a powerful contrast that mirrors the complex emotions conveyed in the lyrics.

The Embers‘ closes the collection, skilfully balancing heavy instrumentals with moments of delicate and atmospheric soundscapes, offering an immersive musical experience. Overall, it captures the band’s sound through the fusion of raw aggression and melodic beauty, creating a hauntingly beautiful and brutal sonic landscape.

Amariah Cook talks about the inspiration behind ‘Liminality‘:

“We’re so proud to finally release our first full-length album, which we’ve been tirelessly working on and teasing to crowds for the past two years. Writing in lockdown allowed us to explore new ideas, technologies, and techniques in our own time and creature comforts. Whenever one of us would send through a new demo or piece to the aural puzzle, it felt like a gift in a time of persistent solitude. We emerged with a cohesive, yet diverse body of work, trickled with each member’s unique musical voice and writing style. Everything about this album came from the heart and soul of the band. The best way to describe it? It is the physical representation of friendship, teamwork, and our unconditional love for music.”

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