Feature: Radio Free Alice – Radio Free Alice

A culmination of hook-laden up tempo post-punk shape Radio Free Alice‘s debut self-titled EP.

Their angular sound feels fresh and immediate – with frontman Noah Learmonth’s distinctive yearning throaty vocal,
which hark back to the stylings of Ian Curtis and Robert Smith, and guitars with clean tones and clever notes,
melodic bass lines, urgent drumbeats, the occasional sax, and an operatic swagger that sounds like it was honed in
a New York art school rather than in suburban Australia.

Left Behind is a dedication to my band and to my friends. To have a positive outlet and a way to speak through something we made together has given me a great sense of purpose and belonging. When nothing else in the world makes sense, we have a common goal and a way to keep pushing through adversity together.”

Radio Free Alice’s debut self-titled EP is available now via Double Drummer.

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