Feature: LUNE – The Change Around Us & The Change In You

LUNE journey through raging moments of heavy-hitting drums, pulsing guitars, violent vocal lines and powerfully honest lyricism on The Change Around Us & The Change In You.

Collaborating with Jamie Marinos on production, Lance Prenc with additional drum engineering and Buster Odeholm on the mix and master, the quartet have released their fierce new collection with an all-star team behind.

Shedding two singles in the lead-up, Progeny and Left Behind feat. Garrett Russell (Silent Planet).

Vocalist Nathaniel Smith harnesses emotive and cathartic lyricism pairing with expert musicianship The Change Around & The Change In You marks a refinement of the quartet’s established aggressive sound.

Of one of the lead singles Left Behind feat. Garrett Russell (Silent Planet) Smith explains:
Left Behind is a dedication to my band and to my friends. To have a positive outlet and a way to speak through something we made together has given me a great sense of purpose and belonging. When nothing else in the world makes sense, we have a common goal and a way to keep pushing through adversity together.”

The Change Around Us & The Change In You is out now and streaming everywhere now via Resist Records.

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