Feature: Romanie – Are We There Yet?

Revealing twelve tracks of gorgeous indie compositions that speak to the heart and individuality encompassing her debut album Romanie unveils ‘Are We There Yet?

Mature, emotionally intelligent and immersive – The record is a striking collection of music that captures the energy and effervescence of one of Melbourne’s best new songwriters, it is dynamic and fitting for where Romanie is in her creative journey.

Featuring previously released singles ‘Anthony’, ‘Keep Sweet’, ‘Hallucinating’, title track ‘Are We There Yet?’, ‘Fortune Teller’ and the most recent release, ‘Cannot Have It All’; Are We There Yet? comes through with emotional impact. It becomes further fleshed out across the record, with numerous cuts highlighting Romanie’s potent brand of storytelling.

In tracks like album opener, ‘The World Is Ending As We Know It’; ‘Nomadland’ and ‘Fortune Teller’, Romanie flexes as a musician and a writer – building arrangements upon foundations of swoon-worthy vocals, guitars and rhythms.

Are We There Yet?is an album about time, going through the motions and moving on. Reflecting deeply on myself, my place in this world and my relationship with others – it’s an attempt at grasping the sometimes confusing, yet beautiful chaos we live in. Sonically transforming my thoughts and finding my voice’

Romanie‘s debut album ‘Are We There Yet?‘ is available to stream now.

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