Feature: The Grogans – Find Me A Cloud

Jam-packed with something for everyone sprinkled with garage, psyche and surf rock they’ve come to be known for, The Grogan’s bring their authentic positivity to the masses in fourth studio album Find Me A Cloud.

Find Me A Cloud was recorded by Jasper Jolley at Big Fridge Studio and unpacks layers of nostalgia through genre bridge building, a collection of material to “draw inspiration from the past whilst never trying to recreate it” says The Grogans.

Breathing musical life into the salty waters and sun drenched summers of their surf side Peninsula home, the album brims with honest and relatable lyrics, while at times cryptic, and tracks that span from heavier rock n roll to slow and perpetual; something for everyone.

Find Me A Cloud’ has felt a little different from other albums we’ve written in that we had an idea of where we wanted to take it. No concepts or themes but more of an auditive aesthetic that we all dived headfirst into” – The Grogans

Whether you’re looking for energetic drum fills fueling a dance liberation or their longtime love of surf punk, you’ll also find melodic riffs and lyrics preaching a message of self worth across the album, and in old school rock n roll track ‘Hey Ma’am’.

“The lyrics describe a bad relationship where the man is expecting his partner to do things he’s perfectly capable of doing himself for him. And although the lyrics don’t get that far the story goes that she boots him out the door and lives her best life without him“.

Moments of country and western tinges, and throwbacks to sounds from earlier eras, join released singles ‘Nowhere To Be’, ‘I’m Not Sure’, ‘I Cannot Read Your Mind’, and ‘Can’t Stand

Find Me A Cloud out now via C.W. Records


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