Feature: Maple Glider – Get Into Trouble EP

Delicately threaded with a dark and witty sense of humour, Maple Glider’s second album I Get Into Trouble weaves loss, recriminations, reckoning and hope into an atmospheric masterpiece. 

Delving back into her Christian childhood I Get Into Trouble delves back into her Christian childhood; exploring her relationship with her body; consent; shame; and the death of romantic and familial relationships. But it’s also hopeful – there is new life, new love, and the desire to reconnect and find peace with it all.

The album title I Get Into Trouble is taken from the bible story “Dinah Gets Into Trouble”, where a young woman is a victim blamed for being sexually assaulted. 

“I want to channel the frustration and anger I’ve felt about all of these things over the past 15 years outside of religion in a playful, fun, and cheeky way. It feels like the only way to digest it at this point.”  Get Into Trouble LP  is available to stream NOW via Pieater

Using the same team as her debut, I Get Into Trouble was recorded with multi-instrumentalist, mixer and producer Tom Iansek (Big Scary, #1 Dads, Lisa Mitchell, The Paper Kites), and drummer Jim Rindfleish (Mildlife). All tracking was done at BellBird studio in Collingwood.

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