Feature: Sunny Luwe – Flowers In The Sky

Infused with her playful spirit, blissful soul and seductive pop allure First Nations artist Sunny Luwe reveals her debut album ‘Flowers In The Sky‘.

A proud Weilwan woman and pop soul artist, Sunny Luwe is renowned for her enchanting performances and a string of successful singles leading up to the album launch.

‘Flowers in the Sky’ exudes her positivity and feel-good energy. It serves as an ode to the remarkable individuals who enrich Sunny’s life, ultimately championing the freedom to authentically express oneself to the fullest extent. Sunny states:

“The album is a thank you to all the beautiful people in our lives, who love us just as we are, so we can bloom like Flowers in the Sky, expressing our truest and fullest nature.”

Proving to be a testament to Sunny’s dedication to the environment, stepping into the role of custodian and role model – meticulously calculating the carbon generated through the creation of this release and carbon offsetting them through the Nth Qld Conservation project, Rainforest 4. Going beyond offsetting her own music project, she leads by example, offering a guide to assist fellow musicians in taking similar environmentally conscious steps.

Over the course of a year, the album took shape through recording sessions in both the Gold Coast and New Zealand. Guided by the production expertise of WHARVES’ Matthew Collins, Tim Goodburn, and ARIA-winner Steven Schram, the album presents a refined soundscape that beautifully encapsulates Sunny Luwe’s artistic vision.

Opening the album is ‘Fly Like A Bird’. Co-written with Sally Seltmann, it pays homage to the rhythmic beats of the 60s and 70s, channelling the essence of artists like Nelly Furtado from the 90s. Then ‘Summer Kisses, a collaborative effort with Matt Collins (okmattcollins), envelops listeners in dreamy instrumentation and uplifting melodies, evoking memories of sun-drenched days and carefree moments.

Sunny Luwe’s vocal prowess shines through in every track, from the soulful ‘Flowers In The Sky’ to the celebratory ‘Give A Little Bit Of Your Love’, showcasing her remarkable ability to infuse genuine emotion and heart into her music.

‘I Got A Thing For You’ is a seductive and empowering anthem, while ‘Drive You Wild’ delivers a funky, sexy groove. ‘On Friday I Drove Into The Lake’ explores a darker tone, born from a haunting nightmare, and ‘Powerless’ serves as an emphatic call to action for our planet’s climate crisis.

A standout moment arrives with ‘Piece of Art’, a romantic Beatles-esque duet with okmattcollins, followed by the poignant acoustic closer, ‘Made Me Smile’, recorded in a single take. Sunny Luwe’s ability to evoke emotion and capture moments of profound beauty culminates in this heartfelt conclusion.

Sunny Luwe’s radiant presence on this debut release is sure to make a lasting impression, inspiring audiences to tap into their fullest potential with a compelling call to action for a better world.

Flowers In The Sky is available to stream now.

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