Feature: Foxlore – Noisserped

Noisserped explores the depths of the human experience, touching on themes of love, loss, and the struggle to find meaning in a world that often seems bleak and unforgiving. With songs that range from introspective to anthemic,  both
deeply personal and universally relatable.

has crafted a timeless and contemporary album, featuring haunting vocals, intricate guitar work, and a relentless rhythm section that sets them apart from their peers.

Their first single, ‘Be Silent‘ is their darkest and most ambitious track which is a testament to the power of the music to transcend boundaries and evoke powerful emotions.

Fools of Love‘ is a driving, angular track with listeners dancing all night long. The single perfectly represents the range and versatility of Foxlore’s sound, and they seamlessly fit into the overall theme of “Noisserped.” It is a modern take on a classic sound and is one of the most commercial songs from the album.

Faces in Your Head‘, first written as a simple folk/ soul, with a vision of a backing choir, went through many renditions before it was masterfully transformed into a hypnotic and atmospheric track featuring vocals from the two founding members, Troy and Selene, which takes the centre stage right from the start.

There is a lot more to unravel from the album notably ‘The Man‘, their heaviest and most exhilarating track. So, turn up the volume, let yourself get lost as you explore the soundscapes of Foxlore’s Noisserped, and discover why this band is quickly becoming one of the most exciting acts on the post-punk scene.

Noisserped is available to stream now.

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