Feature – Angus Gill: Departure & Arrival

A veteran at the age of 25 – apart from the songs he’s written, played on or produced for others, like Diesel and Adam Harvey, Angus Gill has been writing and playing since he was nine or 10, releasing music from the age of 14 recently unveiling his latest release Departure & Arrival.

Having been his own producer for five albums since his debut long player at the age of 18 – Gill has his sights on a long, varied career full of surprises.

The album was recorded and co-written with Billy Miller from The Ferrets, with the members of Paul Kelly’s touring band, featuring Peter ‘Lucky’ Luscombe on drums and percussion, Bill McDonald on bass, Dan Kelly on guitar and Cameron Bruce on keyboards.

“I’m categorised as a country artist, and there are still elements of country there, but I didn’t necessarily set out to create a country record,” Gill says of “Departure & Arrival”, whose title tells you almost as much about this restless songwriter as the songs within it, which have the punch of rock, the elegant lines of old school pop, some Latin moves in the mould of ‘70s Paul Simon, and experiments like the spoken word track “Something Fishy” (in iambic pentameter no less).

Departure & Arrival is available to stream now.

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