Feature: G Flip – Drummer

A thrilling evolution, Drummer unleashes heightened intentionality to G Flip‘s songwriting, sound and creativity.

In creating the album, G Flip co-produced and co-wrote every song on the album, alongside the likes of Tommy English (Billy Idol, Kacey Musgraves, Fitz and the Tantrums) and Colin Brittain (All Time Low, A Day To Remember, Royal & the Serpent), dreaming up a collection of songs that transcend boundaries and expectations.

Revealing the rare balance of precision and abandon they’ve honed for almost their entire life; “The idea was to make a record from a drummer’s perspective, so I started out by writing up a list of drum ideas and grooves to include on the album,” says G Flip, who also plays guitar, bass, and keys throughout the album.

G Flip hopes that their one-of-a-kind sound and sensibilities might ultimately set off a shock wave of inspiration;

I hope my music inspires a whole new generation of singing drummers, or even just gets them to pick up some
drumsticks. But mostly I hope that by telling my story, it ends up helping anyone who’s confused
about their identity or their sexuality. I know that seeing someone like me would have absolutely
changed my whole life when I was younger, and so giving people that feeling of representation
has become the big purpose behind everything for me

Drummer is available to stream now via Future Classic

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