Feature: Nat Vazer – Rumours

Deeply seated in her landscape of confessional indie rock and detail-rich songwriting, Nat Vazer releases ‘Rumours‘.

Departing from her signature sound, her latest offering ‘Rumours’ is set in the dark and seedy backstreets of Hollywood – like something out of David Lynch’s ‘Mullholland Drive’ or Tarantino’s ‘Once Upon A Time in Hollywood’. 

The song paints a surrealist dreamscape of recurring trauma through Vazer’s threads of guitar and abstract yet poignant lyrics, her reverb-drenched vocals echo as if memories are battling space with the real world.

Rumours’ paints a picture of recurring trauma. It’s like a creature born in childhood innocence but keeps re-manifesting throughout your life in different ways” – Nat Vazer

Rumours’ is listeners’ first taste of Strange Adrenaline, Vazer’s second full-length album encapsulating a kaleidoscope of ‘unique stories told through the people, places and memories that have shaken me and stayed with me over time’ says Vazer.  Strange Adrenaline is due for release Friday 6 October.

Rumours is available to stream now via Bendigo Records and GYROstream.

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