Feature: Sad King Billy – Sad King Billy

Sad King Billy is the debut solo venture from Julian Peet, an emerging songwriter and producer hailing from Whadjuk Country, Perth.

Sad King Billy invites listeners on a captivating journey that is both diverse in influence and honest in songwriting.

Julian’s breadth of experience performing, touring and recording for various bands including The Southern River Band and Old Blood has honed his craft and cemented him as a fixture in the industry.

In recent years, he has delved deeper into his songwriting, embracing a more authentic expression of his artistry.

The debut self-titled album from Sad King Billy is a testament to Julian’s expertise as an accomplished instrumentalist and innovative songwriter. 

Collaborating with the esteemed local producer and engineer Dan Carroll, Julian has written and co-produced ten tracks that showcase his honesty of lyricism and artistic vision.

Conceptually, Sad King Billy’s debut album delves into the depths of introspection.

The lyrical content unflinchingly explores and reflects upon loss, being stuck, growth and pain.

Sonically the album envelopes the listener and immerses them in an experience that draws inspiration from the traditions of folk, rock and country with progressions into modern production as an evolving pair.

It serves as a testament to Julian’s artistic integrity and his desire to create a unique picture of his world.

Sad King Billy is available to stream now.

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