Feature: Spencer Spark – Spencer Spark

Queer singer-songwriter, Spencer Spark, invites you into their colourful world of bold and vivacious art pop with her new self-titled EP.

With an eclectic mix of captivating melodies, artful metaphors, love of 80s synths and some cello (of course), Spencer Spark’s music embodies the sounds of her heroes Björk, Kate Bush and Fiona Apple.

Spencer Spark is a window of vulnerability into their own very real and raw struggle with depression,

“The realisation that I was no longer an optimist (‘I Used Be An Optimist’) was the first tell-tale sign that I was beginning to struggle with my mental health.”

“This EP was a way for me to articulate some of the more insidious mental chatter that arose out of that negative shift in mental energy. The most positive song on the album ‘Wake Up’ represents a nostalgia for that old positive sense of self and desire to shift perspectives again. However, the final song ‘Circles’ surrenders to the cyclic nature of my depression and comes to some resounding content with that.

Since 2018, Spencer Spark has left a vibrant mark (and probably a trail of glitter) on the Inner West music scene with unforgettable live performances and her signature eclectic fashion.

Spencer Spark‘s self-titled is available to stream now.

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