Feature: Velvet Bloom – Where You Are

Soul-soaked and heart-healing, Velvet Bloom’s acoustic three-track EP ‘Where You Are’ unveils itself. 
The EP is home to the first single ‘Miles Away’, ‘Goodbye’, and the title track ‘Where You Are’ featuring vocals from R&B songwriter Jay Jarome, with a bonus track ‘Isobel’s Song’ on physical copies.

Velvet Bloom’s EP ‘Where Are You’ is a collection of honest stories, an experience that will have you simultaneously fall apart and stitched back together through threads of candid songwriting and creativity.

Floating across a world of dreamy synths and guitar, the lyrics meander through themes of love, loss, grief, and more, as ‘Miles Away’ opens the EP; an anthem for touring musicians for long-distance lovers, and moves through ‘Goodbye’; a letter in song form for Maddy Herbert’s father, holding space for her farewell and closure from his passing.

Closing title track ‘Where You Are’ features nipaluna/Hobart-based musician Jay Jarome, for a heartfelt collaboration –
This song takes me back to that longing, daydreaming of waking up with that special someone and having nothing on the agenda. Days of warm morning light through the window, lying in and loving all day, wine and dancing in the evening.’ – Jay Jarome.

With the ability to warm an entire room no matter where you are standing, a ray of sunshine that bursts from the vocals of Velvet Bloom’s Maddy Herbert, it is no wonder that they have captured audiences across Australia.

Velvet Bloom’s latest EP Where Are You is available to stream now via C.W Records.

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