Feature: Siobhan Cotchin – Miss Reckless

With a fire in her soul and a guitar at her side, Siobhan Cotchin is her next step forward as a singer, songwriter & human, with the release of her EP Miss Reckless.

Channelling grunge & indie-rock energy from the 1990s all the way to today, she has created a body of work that is as exploratory as it is cohesive.

Taking previously acclaimed singles How Does It Feel, When The Curtains Close & the most recent If God Is A Man, Cotchin combines powerful lyrical symbolism, with vulnerable & compelling tales of loss, anger, heartbreak & betrayal.

Working collaboratively for only the first time, Cotchin was able to take tracks from numerous co-writing sessions including with The Money War, Joel Quatermaine (Eskimo Joe) & Paige Valentine.

Combining this new-found writing freedom with the skill of producer Sam Ford (Abbe May, Birds of Tokyo, Psychedelic Porn Crumpets) at his new tailor-built Tone City Recording Studios, the easy process of recording allowed Siobhan Cotchin to unnerve her vulnerabilities, creating her most compelling work to date.

A muse beyond her early-20’s age suggests, new tracks ‘Cross The Line’ & title-track ‘Miss Reckless’ highlight her tact for nuanced emotions within any situation, a knack for putting pen to paper and helping the listener feel her plight.

My new EP ‘Miss Reckless’ is all about being yourself and rejecting the expectations others place on you. For me, it’s an ode to the person I want to be and the confidence I want to exude. Sonically, this EP reflects a step forward in a new direction and I’m super proud of what we’ve created. I’m really owning this ‘rock-chick’ energy and I’m having so much fun exploring those heavier sounds.

“This EP was so rewarding and fun to make, and a very easy process. It all came together really easily and it’s honestly my favorite thing the band, Sam Ford and I have created so far! This is also the first time I’m releasing songs I’ve written with other people and I cannot wait for people to hear them because the writing process was so magical with all of the incredible artists that helped write the songs. I think this EP is a step in a new direction for me and I can’t wait for people to hear the new and improved Siobhan!” – Siobhan Cotchin

Siobhan Cotchin‘s latest ep Miss Reckless is available to stream now via Tone City Recordings.

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