Feature: Body Type – Expired Candy

Expired Candy is an album of conviction, exploration and fun that asserts Body Type as the force they are.

If their debut album Everything Is Dangerous But Nothing’s Surprising was an exuberant and furious declaration of dominion, then their swift follow-up is all about revelling in the space they’ve carved out and the community they’ve forged since their breakout.

Without a care for the bs, away from the grrls that had it up to here, Expired Candy is uninhibited.

It’s sweet, acidic, tough and undeniable all at once; unafraid of colouring outside the lines.

In their words, “Expired Candy is filled with hope, love, and danger, dancing with delicious uncertainty. In pursuit of joy, we dreamed up songs about mothers, sisters, dogs, and nans; family tantrums, forward motion, falling in love, platonic or romantic, with someone or self. Heartbreaks, tooth will shatter, but she’ll be there when it really matters. Flirty, feral and defiant, just how we like it. From our wild heart to yours, Body Type.

Georgia Wilkinson-Derums speaks on the title track: “It’s an affirmation to the ones you love and the person you used to be, the person you are, and the person you are yet to become.” Directed and produced by Jasmin Tarasin, who explains “Body Type for me are exactly the remedy for where we are at in the world. This power women give it with such force, intellect and beauty. I wanted to create the feeling that you get listening to Body Type as you watch this clip.”

Expired Candy the second studio album from Body Type is available to stream now via Poison City Records.

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