Feature: RVG – Common Ground

Sonically, Common Ground rocks back and forward melodically, as if to comfort its listener, as RVG‘s forthright and penetrative lyricism cuts through synth-laden crescendos with earnest poignancy.

It’s a journey that culminates in a transcendent instrumental outro, punctuated by silvery, 80’s-esq percussion.

The opening track of the forthcoming album Brain Worms, Common Ground aptly sets the scene, introducing us to a record that leaves no stone unturned in the pursuit of self-dissection, analysis, and ultimately, plaintive acceptance.

The accompanying ‘Common Ground‘ video is directed by Tom Campbell and features RVG performing in the round as dancer Jayden Lewis performs the striking choreography of Zoee Marsh.

Together we wanted to do something that was stripped back, reduced to its simplest form, with only the most basic and essential features,” says Campbell.

There is no contrivance, no attempt to cover up or hide the infrastructure of the band’s instruments or our film gear, we embrace that chaos, but we also wanted to play with our audience’s expectations to land somewhere in the middle of narrative and performance. Visually, I wanted to represent the struggle I heard in the lyrics in a physical way. How we fight these feelings, how we try to beat them down or free ourselves from them. These feelings get inside us, under our skin – ridding ourselves of them, or exorcising them from within, becomes a kind of exercise in healing.”

Common Ground is available to stream now via Ivy League.

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