Feature: Georgi Kay – Blood Sugar

Blood Sugar tells a very honest and direct inner-dialogue between Georgi and themselves, sharing their introspective and self-reflective thoughts and feelings with the listener, as if they were a fly on the wall.

This almost casual conversational style of songwriting and vocal performance sets the tone of the whole record, that being of a far more intricate and multi-layered nature that explores their experiences with grief, loss, depression, body dysphoria, queerness, isolation ,joy, inner peace, and self-awareness.

I wanted to start the album off with a bang. Open the doors and invite curiosity, excitement, and playfulness. There’s something really appealing about energetic and uplifting songs with very raw and real lyrics. More textures and dimensions, maybe.I’m fascinated by the dichotomy of everything, the double-edged swords in life.I think that’s where the heart of truth truly lies.So it was a real treat to make something that reflected that, in my own signature way.”

Georgi Kay on Blood Sugar

Georgi Kay’s Blood Sugar is available to stream now via Monoki Records.

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