Feature: RedHook – Postcard From A Living Hell

RedHook‘s long-anticipated debut album Postcard From A Living Hell is eleven charismatic, hook-laden tracks forged in a signature particle collider of sonic influences.

Smashing together elements of metalcore, pop-punk, nu-metal, alt-rock, and classic metal with trap, EDM and pop.

The LP is stacked with radio singles, including the femme-powered, EDM-inflected breakup anthem ‘Imposter‘ feat. Yours Truly, saxophone-powered pop-punk self-roast Soju‘ feat. Sly Withers, and the self-produced one-two punch of diabolical emo-meets-drum and bass banger ‘Low Budget Horror‘ and incendiary anti-misogyny manifesto SAY‘.

Focus track ‘Postcard Xo’ opens the LP, taking us “down that rabbit hole” into a nightmarish hellscape of trauma and self-sabotage. Written as a letter from rock bottom where vocalist Emmy Mack ruminates on struggles with depression and intrusive thoughts of self-harm, the song is also RedHook’s boldest and wackiest musical composition to date. “‘Postcard Xo’ is a pretty dark song, both musically and thematically,” says Emmy. “It’s about finding yourself back in the familiar landscape of rock bottom after a string of preventable fuck-ups, wrestling with feelings of guilt, shame and worthlessness, and wishing the worst for yourself – because that’s exactly what you feel like you deserve.”

From the sucker-punching hard rock of ‘The Critic‘, to the chaotic rap-fuelled metalcore of ‘Psych Vs. Psych‘, to the darker synth-pop deviance of ‘An Intervention‘ and the heartfelt alt-rock balladry of ‘Inarticulate‘ feat. The Faim,

Postcard From A Living Hell‘ is a unique and expansive body of work that showcases the full spectrum of RedHook’s colourful musical multiverse.

Emmy’s superlative bravery in the fan-resonant ‘Jabberwocky‘ is complimented by the savagery of breakbeat rave monster ‘Off With Your Head‘, as the album hits out against injustice and our most persuasive demons while expressing a slew of relatable ordeals that make life feel like a living hell.

RedHook‘s debut album Postcard From A Living Hell is available to stream NOW.

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