Feature: Hoon – Australian Dream

Unleashing their high-octane debut studio album, garage-punk act Hoon present Australian Dream, eleven raucous tracks of distorted punk.

The debut capturing Hoon’s tumultuous live performances and chaotic songwriting, all while deliberating modern life in Australia.

The band talk about the themes behind Australian Dream:

“Lyrically, the tracks make both abstract and bluntly clear references to Australian culture and politics, consumerism, love, learning, toxic masculinity, mental/physical health and growth into adulthood. We often couple the intensity of the music with sarcasm, humour and a touch of irreverence to make light of the difficult world we’re all trying to navigate.

Accompanying the release is the music video for title track ‘Australian Dream’, a hilarious odyssey that follows a shark head as it aims to experience more of Australia, both the excitement of youth and realities of adulthood.

The band explains, “originally a full shark, legend has it that the shark head spent the youth of its life on the walls of a fish and chip shop in the Northern suburbs of Wollongong.”

Singles ‘Acab‘, ‘Propane‘ and ‘Fried‘ have showcased the band’s ability to create hook-laden romps packed with shouting gang vocals, shrieking guitars and rabid drums.

Australian Dream is available to stream now.

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