This Week In The Charts – 3 April, 2023

This week in the charts we have debuts from The Teskey Brothers, Ne Obliviscaris, Sheppard,  Dami Im, Mo’Ju, Tumbleweed, Joseph Tawadros, Dan Sultan, and Last Days of Kali.

On the Independent Label Singles chart, and the 100%  Independent Singles charts The Teskey Brothers debuted at #1 with their latest track ‘Take My Heart’.

On the 100% Independent Singles Charts we have a debut at #5 from Sheppard with latest track ‘Good Time’ 

Dan Sultan also debuts on this chart achieving #20 with “Won’t Give You That’.

On the 100% Independent Albums Charts Ne Obliviscaris achieved a #1 debut for ‘Exul’. #3 welcomed a debut for The Silversound ’s self titled, and #4 was taken out by Joseph Tawadros with ‘Hope in an Empty City’, and Last Days of Kali achieved #15 with ‘Fragments’.

On the Independent Label Singles chart Dami Im debuted at #2 with ‘Collide’ and Sheppard taking out #8 with Good Time.

On the Independent Label Albums chart Mo’ju debuted at #1 with ORO, PLATA, MATA. Ne Obliviscaris achieving #2 with Exul, #3 was taken out by Tumbleweed with ‘Killer Weed’, 5# welcomed a debut from The Silversound, and Joseph Tawadros achieved #7 & #13 with ‘Live At Abbey Road’ and ‘History Has A Heartbeat’.

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