Feature: The Rookies – Feed The Fire

Feed The Fire explores the purpose and powers within the element of fire; destruction, regeneration, nurture, and passion.

The Rookies forth studio album setting out to take listeners on a journey of recognition, action, and outcomes with them. 

Feed The Fire was written collaboratively, first online bouncing ideas back and forth, and then in the rehearsal room, either at Joel’s house or at some long full days at Bakehouse studios. 

“We realised early on that the tunes connected seamlessly, and decided to make the album as a single piece of music – while there are six distinct pieces of music on the record, the entire record is continuous”.

The quintet are joined by a string section made up of members of the Newmarket Collective, performing beautiful arrangements by The Rookies trumpeter Tom Sly, which can be heard on ‘Vultures’, ‘Schema I and Schema II’ and ‘Seed and Soil’.

Join The Rookies as they challenge human prejudice and societal systems, question the need to begin again and rebuild for the benefit of humanity and our world.

Enlisting the help of long-time collaborator Duncographic as a video director and Guus Hoevenaars of Newmarket Studios on live sound, The Rookies created their first live video, recording a live version of album closer ‘Seed and Soil’. Featuring a string quartet composed of Felix Pascoe, Sunni RaeAriel Postmus, and Hamish Jamieson––this is the first time The Rookies have performed this piece as intended with a string section – the video was filmed in the Fitzroy North backyard. But, not just any backyard, the band’s rehearsal home for the past 5 years.

“A challenging location to shoot, we eventually found the perfect locations ––rhythm section nestled with the chicken shed out back, with the string section below a beautiful eucalypt and the horn players in a collapsing treehouse––three things that amazingly can be found within one frame in this weird and wonderful garden. “Seed and Soil” refers to the need for nourishing the ground in which you grow new life, so it was also fitting to record it near a very well maintained composting system.” – The Rookies

Feed The Fire is available to stream NOW.

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