Feature: Bones and Jones – I’ve Got A Voice

Bones and Jones‘ latest single ‘I’ve Got a Voice’ skilfully merges country and pop elements to create a unique sound. While the heartfelt lyrics explore the theme of youthful vulnerability and the journey towards independence, the band drives the song towards musical landscapes reminiscent of George Harrison’s “All Things Must Pass.” Despite the similarity in musical direction, Bones and Jones opt for a more stripped-back production that still manages to pack a punch.

This powerful and uplifting track showcases the band’s signature sound, blending rock with elements of folk, pop, and country. “It’s about trusting yourself and your own decisions and trying to block out all of the anxiety and stressors that we are faced with in today’s world.” Says vocalist and guitarist, Jasper Jolley. “Life can be so overwhelming, but I think being independent and backing yourself is so valuable when you’re trying to navigate it.”

The single was recorded by Jasper Jolley and recorded at Bones and Jones studio Big Fridge Sounds in regional Victoria. The band is currently working on a full-length album, which is set to release later this year.

‘I’ve Got A Voice’ is available now on all major streaming platforms now.

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