Feature: Georgia Mooney – War Romance

As expansively cinematic as the artist herself, ‘War Romance’ sees Georgia Mooney muse on finding a lover to spend the end of the world with, and is the first cut from her to-be-announced debut solo album.

‘War Romance’ reads like a modern day romantic tragedy, born from the relentless waves of global tribulations – political unrest, the pandemic, and especially the climate crisis. As life moves beyond our control and the world seems to be slipping beyond the bounds of repair, she clings to the clarity and desperation of love as she searches for someone to see out the catastrophe with.

Co-produced with Noah Georgeson (Cate Le BonDevendra BanhartMarlon WilliamsJoanna Newsom) the feelings of longing are made palpable in ‘War Romance’ – ornate and hand-crafted, sculpted by a strong mind and a delicate heart, this story of longing and resilience is carried by Mooney’s soaring angelic voice over maximalist, cinematic soundscapes. Layers of  piano, strings, synths, guitar and percussion evoke the unsettling genius of Kate Bush – both her idiosyncratic wall of sound instrumentation and unexpected turns of chords and melodies.

Georgia Mooney shares, “I have always loved wartime films & novels for the way they portray relationships. When life is fragile and we are faced with our mortality on a daily basis, we cling to one another for comfort. Superficial problems fall away and the bonds of love feel extraordinarily strong and vital. It’s a bit melodramatic, but romantic and earnest too. Like standing on a cliff, clutching a letter, staring out to sea.”

The ‘War Romance’ music video stars award-winning comedian and guest judge on RuPaul’s Drag Race Down Under Rhys Nicholson (they/them) making their drag debut as Georgia Mooney, and Mooney herself as Nicholson. Romantic and fantastical, the clip sees them move and sing around a beautiful old hotel in a time and place that is impossible to define.

Georgia Mooney’s debut solo album will be released in 2023.

Georgia Mooney’s debut solo single War Romance is Out NOW via Nettwerk.

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