Feature: The Empty Threats – Boys In The Gutter

Boys in the Gutter is the first taste from Monstertruck Mondays, the debut album from Kaurna Land based noise post-punk band, The Empty Threats.

Of the new single, front person, Stu Patterson says it’s a song that outlines the struggle in America at the moment regarding abortion rights, and on how harmful a decision made by a select few can be towards bodily autonomy rights, not only just in America”.

The track was produced by guitarist Matt Shultz in their home studio and was mastered by Matt Colton of Metropolis Studios (Shame, Wetleg, Arctic Monkeys, Thom Yorke etc.)

Monstertruck Mondays is the band’s debut album. The album was originally created to touch
on political topics that truly fuelled the bands beliefs and intertwines between feeling
overwhelmed by the general world climate over the last 3 years and just not really caring
anymore about societal norms.

The album touches on topics such as anti-abortion rights, climate change, under recognition of First Nations people within Australia, colonial genocides expressive pro queer rights & Love.

Boys in the Gutter is available to stream Thurs 15th December via P.A.K. Records.

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